Our focus is on changing the perception of vegan food by offering plant and whole grain-based food and superfoods. We creatively remix vegetables and fruit into familiar comfort foods.

We currently host our own pop-up events and vend at various festivals and specialty events. We curate experiences and “Vegan Turn-Ups” to combat the common misconceptions of veganism and allergen-friendly lifestyles. We pride ourselves in offering actual vegetables and fruit, not soy and seitan.



Good as Green, LLC was formed by Najla T. Williams to continually assist others in transitioning to healthier alternatives and incorporating plant-based items into their regime.

 Many of the non-vegans raved about the flavors and how fresh the food was, and so Good as Green was established!

    It’s easy to make soy and seitan taste like a meat dish, but what’s great about our company is that we literally just remix vegetables. No tofu, seitan, tempeh, TVP, or soy curls. That’s easy. We actually shred and cut our vegetables and everything. What we do takes imagination, creativity, and love. We love exposing people to new, tasty foods and superfoods!                                     -Najla T. Williams,

                                          Creator of Good as Green



Washington, DC               Tel 202-681-1334

Najla T